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Academic success requires well-developed critical and lateral thinking and problem-solving skills. Aquinas meets the needs of students aiming to study at the UK’s top academic institutions through our ‘Triple A’ programme (previously known to some of you as ‘AQScholars’).

The programme’s guiding principle has been to follow advice from admissions tutors at all of the top UK universities – places such as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, the LSE, Manchester, Edinburgh and Durham – suggesting that they seek to recruit students who engage with their subject beyond the confines of the A Level specification, and who can think through problems by employing a variety of perspectives, often from different disciplines. They want more than just well-qualified students.

Our Triple A programme aims to foster this kind of thinking, and to broaden students’ cultural horizons such that they are able to make informed and aspirational choices about university applications and career opportunities. We have a track record of helping students gain places at the UK’s top universities.