Welcome to the Earth Sciences department. On this page you will find an introduction to the department and the individual subjects we offer.

Earth Science courses


Geography has modules in physical and human geography. Students develop skills in mathematics, analysis and extended writing. Practical work within the specification is one of the attractions of Geography and a minimum of 4 days is spent on compulsory fieldwork. This includes a compulsory residential trip. (Bursary students may be given assistance towards costs). 20% of the A Level consists of an Independent Investigation.

For more information please see the Geography on the college website.


The WJEC-Eduqas A Level in Geology is a linear course with a final exam at the end of two years. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the knowledge and understanding required for a study of the Earth, its structures, evolution and dynamics as preparation for further study at university or for its own enjoyment.

For more information please see the Geology on the college website.

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