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Law Courses


This course is an investigation into crime, criminality and the criminal justice system. The course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and will appeal to anyone who is interested in understanding and explaining criminal behaviour.

Students who have a keen interest in the psychology and sociology of crime will be well suited to this course, which has strong practical and theoretical elements.

For more information please see the Criminology on the college website.

A level Law

The A-level Law course covers a variety of interesting topics. The course takes you from how laws are made, the people who work in the legal system, the criminal law, civil law, human rights and the nature of law.

For more information please see the A Level Law on the college website.

Applied Law BTEC

The BTEC Certificate and Subsidiary Diploma in Applied Law allow students to study similar areas of English Law to those that are covered in the A-level course. However, the course is assessed through coursework undertaken within normal timetabled lessons. It gains UCAS points which are of equal value to those given to A-levels and is therefore very useful to students applying for university places, apprenticeships or employment.

For more information please see the Applied BTEC Law on the college website.

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