Will Learning Difficulties or a medical condition impact on the application process?

No. Individual needs do not impact on the application process and if they are disclosed it will help us better inform teachers at the start of the year.

What happens if I have a Learning Support need or medical condition?

We will take the information you have put on your application form and contact you before you start college so that we can have a chat and discuss the support you may need. We will then put the information on our system and with your permission it will be available to teachers once you start.

What support will I get?

This depends. Support can range from full, in class support with a Learning Support Assistant , a weekly one to one session with a Learning Support Teacher or using our Learning Support Drop In where you can just drop in if any problems or issues arise. We will talk about this before you start so that the right support is put in place from enrolment.

What happens if I had exam access arrangements at school?

Exam arrangements don’t automatically transfer from school to college. Students need to get evidence of their arrangements from school. This is usually called a Form 8. We may also need medical evidence from a consultant.

What if a need for support arises once I start college?

Students can come and see us at any point during their courses and we can look at what support may be needed.