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Social Science courses

Health and Social Care BTEC

BTEC Health and Social Care is the equivalent in size to one A Level over two years. There are 4 units in total. 2 of these are assessed by exams in Human Lifespan Development and Working in Health & Social Care. The other 2 units are coursework units that are internally assessed. This course provides a broad basis of study for the Health and Social Care sector and is designed to support progression into careers in this area. This qualification can be taken alongside other BTEC or A Level subjects.

For more information please see the Health and Social Care BTEC page on the college website.


Politics is the most dynamic subject a student can study: it changes every day. Studying the course will answer questions such as: what is power; why do people vote the way they do; do we have a ‘participation crisis’ in the UK; why are some Prime Minsters more powerful than others and are judges more powerful in the USA than the UK?

For more information please see the Politics page on the college website.


This course is an investigation into mind and behaviour. The course assumes no prior knowledge of the subject and will appeal to anyone who is interested in understanding and explaining human behaviour.

Students who like Science and Maths and have effective skills in English Language will be well suited to this course, which has a strong scientific element.

For more information please see the Psychology page on the college website.


The study of Sociology provides you with alternative ways of looking at society and examines how people interact as individuals and in differing social groups within Britain and the world. Sociology helps develop a keen understanding of how society works, giving you a better knowledge and the means for changing and improving it.

Students will gain a detailed understanding of contemporary social issues and changing aspects of social life, with a particular emphasis on sociological theories/research methods in relation to the topic areas of Education, the Family, Beliefs held by people and Crime and Deviance.

For more information please see the Sociology page on the college website.

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