Welcome to Student Union

Student Union Introduction

The Student Union at Aquinas gets bigger and better every year. The Union is made up of students from both year groups. Meetings are held weekly and all are encouraged to participate.

Our main aim is to represent students and enhance the quality of college life. We try to ensure that students’ opinions are considered in the day-to-day administration and future plans of Aquinas. This is achieved through Student Union members being represented through a variety of staff groups such as ‘Equality & Diversity’ & ‘Healthy College.’

The Union President and Vice President are also college Governors, working closely with the Principal.

Throughout the year, the Union liaises with students to gain feedback and elicit opinions. The Student Union also helps students to enjoy their time at Aquinas College and organises a range of events/activities throughout the year, including the Talent Show, AQ Fest and the Leavers’ Ball.